During my trip to the UK in March of 2003 I visited the "Birthplace of British Motoring and Aviation" - Brooklands at Weybridge in Surrey, just about 20 miles south of London. Brooklands was the home of the Brooklands Automobile Racing Club founded the same year the racing circuit at Brooklands was constructed, 1907. British aviation pioneers used Brookland's grounds for test flights of their new aircraft designs and eventually a full aerodrome was built. It was an exciting place for the public to visit, to watch international automobile races or air shows, but the fun ended in 1939 when World War II began. The last auto race at Brooklands was held in 1939, the aerodrome was used throughout the war.

Today the original Brooklands Clubhouse has been converted into a museum and the many garage buildings surrounding it house wonderful exhibits of historic automobiles, many of them racing cars that actually raced on the Brooklands circuit, as well as aircraft that were developed on the grounds. All of these exhibits ensure that "The Spirit of Brooklands" will live on. If you're ever in London the short trip south to Weybridge is well worth it, the museum is a simple 15 minute walk from the Weybridge train station. A visit to the official Brooklands Web Site is a great way to learn about this very significant and historic place and there is information there you can use to plan your visit.