The automobile seems to have a special place in American culture. We've got a society based on cars. We've got drive thrus, drive in's, even drive by's. We drive all the time...

But if you drive on... past the daily commute, off the highways, far from the interstates, you may find yourself on roads that become destinations in themselves. A roadtrip is an American adventure anyone with four wheels can have. Like Tom and Huck on a river of asphalt, wondering what's beyond the next bend, pondering the past as it trickles by.

I went out looking for America, as they say...and this is what I found. The America that lives on the sides of our roads, hinting of what came before us, maybe even helping us see what's up ahead. To me, these images are as American as a photo of Mt. Rushmore or the Statue of Liberty.

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