When packing for the Advanture I tried to think of everything. A Westfalia certainly provides plenty of storage space for supplies. I tried to pack for every conceivable contingency. Is that even possible when taking off across the country in an 18 year old Volkswagen bus? I was an Eagle Scout and I still live by the Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared". Fortunately, in the end, I used very little of the emergency equipment I packed.

Things that came in especially handy... duct tape (I dedicated a page of my journal to all of the things I used this wonder product for), my orange extension cord, and my cell phone and credit card, with those two things anything is possible.

All the gear ready to be packed into the van before departure.

1. Sink cabinet including gas stove, sink, refridgerator (gas or electric), storage cabinet, and drawer.
2. Storage chest with water tank and storage space.
3. Clothes closet with rod and vanity mirror.
4. Linen closet.
5. Ceiling cabinet
6. Rear deck mattress (combines with 7 to make the double bed). A second bed forms on top of the camper when the pop-top is elevated.
7. Rear bench seat with storage locker.
8. Dinette table rear.
9. Dinette table front.

Tool Box
8 Energizer AAA batteries
Extra hose gasket
Another AAA Mag Light
2 extra Mag Light bulbs
Extra tent pole adapters
Extra tent pole shock cord
Eye glass repair kit
Box cutter
Needle nose pliers
1 roll duct tape
1 roll electrical tape
Lots of cable ties (8")
Loctite black contact adhesive
White touch up paint
Emergency sewing repair kit
Assorted extra light bulbs for van
Assorted extra fuses for van
Full set of Craftsman metric tools

Other tools
Breaker bar
Torque wrench
VW hub cap puller
Tow strap
Camping Equipment
2 x 50' lengths nylon rope
Dining fly w/ poles
Tent stakes
Folding table
Folding chair
2 Swiss Army knives
2 man tent
Camp shower (5 gal.)
Sleeping bag
Pillow (full size)
First aid kit
2 Lighters
Folding shovel
2 x AAA Mag Lights

General Equipment
Rain X
3 Flares
Assorted bungie cords
Whisk broom
Extra engine belt
Extra Pop-top seal
Official 16' 'Nascar' jumper cables
Digital thermometer
10" Oscillating fan

12' x 12' tarp (blue)
Big Igloo cooler
Toilet paper
5gal. gas can

Kitchen Supplies
50' Reynolds wrap
Zip-Loc bags
Baby wipes (Aloe scented)
2oz. bottle Purell sanitizer
8.5oz. bottle Bertoli olive oil
Paper towels
Dish pan
Dish drainer
3 plastic dish scours
Coffee mug
Drinking glass
Flatware (spoon, fork, knife)
4qt pot
2qt pot
Wash basin
Dish soap
Assorted food & spices
"Huggie" can cooler
Pasta strainer

3pr shorts
2pr cargo pants
2pr khaki pants
Long underwear
2 golf shirts
10pr underwear
3pr wool socks
6pr white socks
10 t-shirts
1 long sleeved t-shirt
1 sweatshirt
1 fleece pullover
1 henley style shirt
1pr hiking boots
1pr gym shoes
1pr dress shoes
1 long sleeved dress shirt
1 wool sweater
Stocking cap
1pr gloves
Rain gear
Baseball hat
Turtle neck


Tooth paste
Tooth brush
Dental floss
Nasal spray
Ear plugs
Shaving creme
Fingernail clippers
8oz. bottle alcohol
Bar of soap
33oz. box of Tide
'Croakies' for glasses

Olympus 35mm point & shoot
Super 8mm video camera
Asahi Pentax 35mm Camera
50mm lens for Pentax
135mm lens for pentax
20+ rolls black & white film
1 roll color film
8mm video tapes
Digital Camera
2 x 32mb memory cards
IBM Think Pad laptop
Cellular modem (56k)
Cellular phone (Nokia 3160)

Books (Links to Amazon.com)
U.S. atlas (Rand-McNally)
Bentley Manual for '82 Vanagon
"Roadtrip USA"
"Route 66 Traveler's Guide"
"Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintainence"
"Blue Highways"
If you happen to purchase any of these books through amazon.com I do not receive any money. I am in no way affiliated with amazon.com and I do not participate in the amazon.com "Associates" program.
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