May 7- Leaving Gettysburg; Drive All Day

I got up this morning and had oatmeal and toast with this rhubarb spread that the Amish folks gave me. I never liked rhubarb much, but they put something in this stuff that makes it taste great. Katie told me,
"Some people always feel they need rhubarb in a pie. We don't need that pastry, it's just fine plain."
She took a spoonful and ate it, so i did the same. I think on bread is probably a better way to go though.

As I was leaving I drove past the Gettysburg Airport, a single strip of asphalt with a large pole barn hangar and some Cessnas and what not scattered about. What caught my eye was a bright yellow T-6 taxing on the runway, coming to the end closest to the road to turn around and take off. So I slammed on the brakes and turned around to go to the airport. I sped towards the hangar, there were some cars parked around and some people sitting around tables outside. It was an airport open house. So just as I got out of the car the plane turned around, the pilot put the throttle down and the radial engine gargled away taking the plane down the runway. The T-6 was a trainer, a two seater, heavy, and not very fast, but it's still cool to see its profile and hear the old engine. After take off it did a wide, banking turn to get into position to buzz the field. It came over the field wagging its wings.

I drove West on PA Route 30 today, 180 miles in 6 hours. I stop often to see things and take pictures, but that is about the pace. I marvel once again at the stuff you can buy on the side of the road. Sundays are the big days for yard sales and flea markets, I guess they don't have garages because I didn't see one garage sale. There were people with stuff layed out on a bunch of tables here and there, some of them even had racks of clothing, Do you know anybody that has clothing racks full of old clothing at their house? I drove past a military surplus vehicle dealer as well. Armored personnel carriers, hum vees, trucks, cranes, fuels tankers. Don't worry Sean, I marked its exact location on the map. I think Monday must be trash day because later in the day on Sunday, as things were winding down trash and junk piles began to show up on the curbs. See, there is a fine line between a yard sale and putting junk out for the garbage man...the tables. That's the only thing that separates the two. If you're stuff is on a table it's for sale, if it's on the ground it's trash. And after your sale you can just dump your table at the curb and it all of a sudden becomes free for the trash man.

Driving the hills, or Appalachians I guess, is slow going in the Westy. On some of the steep ones I'm pulling 15 mph in 2nd gear. On one I had to downshift into first...maybe going 8 mph. I remember asking Benjamin how fast his steam engine goes (an enormous 100 year old steam engine, like a locomotive, but smaller, probably 50 feet long, 15 feet high and 10 feet wide and meant to be used as a piece of farm equipment) well I asked him how fast his steam engine goes, he pulled his beard in thought.

"Oh, 'bout as fast as you walk."

The Westy is just fine for me.

I arrived at Ohiopyle State Park (still in Pennsylvania) and set up camp in the late afternoon. The place was really emptying out at about 5:00, all the weekend visitors were driving home, it's probably an hour or so southeast of Pittsburgh, very close to Mill Run where Frank Lloyd Wright's "Falling Water" is. I'll go there tomorrow.

T-6 taxies at the Gettysburg Airport.

Flea market / junk sale...need an old washing machine?

Campsite at Ohiopyle State Park, PA.

Click here to see Benjamin's steam engine!

The vehicle