May 4 - Southeastern, PA - "The Burkhart's" at Codorus State Park

The next several days will be spent here at Codorus State Park. It's about 20 miles East of Gettysburg so I'll check that out tomorrow.

I have chosen a campsite with an electric hook up so I will be able to use the computer at will without worrying about having enough power. The camper's refrigerator also works well when I'm hooked into an electrical socket. I found that out the first night I plugged the van in at a campground. I left the extension cord plugged in all night, as I always do. When I woke up in the morning everything in the fridge had ice on it....the fridge controls were on full blast, I didn't even realize it. It's nice to know that it works well though.

When I arrived I set up camp and went over to talk to the Burkhart's, they're camped about 40 yards away. They are the campground "hosts". Merril and Doris Burkhart are a retired couple from Harrisburg, PA. They go to a different state park each spring for a few weeks to camp and act as the "campground hosts". The duties of the hosts seem to be waving and smiling at each car that might drive by, there's a lot of that. I always give Merril and Doris the nod and the wave as I roll by. They talk to people about stuff, nearby attractions I would imagine. I mentioned to Merril I was thinking about going into Gettysburg to see the battlefield and other sites, he encouraged me to do so...."Oh yea, Gettysburg. Gettysburg's always a big day." With that reassurance my mind was made up...tomorrow I go.

They have a campsite very close to the bathrooms, complete with a wooden plaque that reads:

"Your Campground Hosts"
The Burkhart's
Merril & Doris
Harrisburg, PA

They have an RV and a big piece of astro turf on the ground next to a lawn of sorts I guess. They've also got a wood pile that could probably last them through the Winter. The place is about empty these days, but as Summer arrives things will begin to fill up.

Here's a photo of my campsite, pretty much the same as the others so far, but the woods here are more alive than any place I have ever been before. There is a deep layer of leaves on the ground, mostly Oak trees here, not too much poison ivy. When I first arrived I heard what I thought was a person walking through the woods, but it was just a squirrel, the leaves make a lot of noise when you walk through them. Things are constantly moving under the leaves too. I hear constant movement...field mice (I saw one while preparing the fire pit for a fire), chipmunks, I found some salamanders under a log I was going to put onto the fire, all sorts of little sounds like several small furry animals in a cave grooving with a pict. At night the sound is intensified, and it became a little spooky to be perfectly honest.

The campsite at Codorus State Park, PA

The vehicle