May 1 - 2 - French Creek S.P. - Doing Laundry in Birdsboro, PA

I went to Allentown, PA today to get new front seats for the van, at this place I've read about on the internet. I actually called the guy there about 2 months ago asking about seats with armrests, they advertise them in the internet classifieds. The guy took me out to the back where they had every model of Volkswagen and Audi, old Audis...early 90's/late 80' "A" series cars, stacked on car holders four high, cars everywhere. Mostly Golfs and Jettas, lots of wrecked cars. Well the guy told me they had just had the truck come in and take away all of the old vanagons because he needed the space. So there was only one there, and it didn't have any front seats in it. Unfortunate, but not the end of the world.

I arrived at French Creek, S.P. in the late afternoon, built a fire and cooked dinner. I should probably take a minute to talk about building fires. The fires I've been building are way to big for what I'm cooking. I mean I put two, maybe three hot dogs on a stick to cook and I've got a fire big enough to cook dinner for 12. I see so many people with a wad of paper and some big fat sticks sitting on top of it and they wonder why they can't get the fire going. The key is tinder, the very, very small sticks that almost don't look like they're worth picking up, about as big around as a toothpick. I like to get a huge pile of little sticks like that arranged around something that lights easily. Paper is fine, I use just two sheets from a 4" x 6" writing tablet I've got, although a piece of birch bark works even better due to the oil it contains. So I build what looks like a little log cabin made from twigs and put the paper inside. I leave a good place to put the single match it will take to light the thing up and arrange some larger sticks on top of the's about using the tinder to light the twigs, the twigs will light the sticks, the sticks will light the larger sticks, and the larger sticks will light the logs. If you build each step, even with wet wood, you will have a nice fire. It's these guys without any eyebrows, sitting in the dark with a gas can and pile of logs who wonder why they don't have a fire that are fun to watch.

On the morning of 2nd I left the campground and stopped at a laundromat in Birdsboro, PA. I did my first load of laundry and headed to Gordonsville, PA where I was to visit some Amish friends of my parents. On the way I saw an old Volkswagen bus single cab, like a pick up truck bus, a somewhat rare model. It was a nice drive, very scenic.


The Westy and a VW single cab pick up.

Volkswagen Single Cab pick up truck.

The Pensylvannia countryside.
Laundry Mat in Bridsboro, PA.
the vehicle