May 10 - and most of May in Cincinnati

So as you know i spent most of the month of May at home in Cincinnati, it wasn't necessarily part of the plan in the beginning, but I'm glad it happened. I was able to spend some time with some people I haven't seen very much in the past years. I even ran into some friends from high school I hadn't seen since I left for my year in Chile in early 1992. We are all progressing....some are attorneys, some are stock brokers, others are realtors, the list goes on.

When I was home my Mom and I put a fresh coat of paint on the iron work in the front of the house, black paint. A tedious job, but well worth the effort in the end. When I'm at home I like to spend time on the roof deck. It's pretty high up and you can see for a long way. I'm not sure what it is about a view that appeals to people. To me it's just being able to see other things and wonder about them, things you can't see locked in a room with no windows....I look over to Kentucky and wonder who lives in each house. What do they do? What is their favorite food? What do they do on the weekends?....I just wonder.

Mt. Adams has a church and a monastery that create nice silhouettes against the sky. The monastery was made into an office building some years ago, so no chance of seeing guys in brown robes. I did see a lot of monks in Spain a church in Valledolid is where I remember best. One of them walked me around the cloister and showed me everything. He was very soft spoken, I was standing next to him and could hardly hear him, brown robe and all. Just like on the front of a bottle of Franziskaner Heife-Weizen.

Below are a few pictures of home and what you can see around it......

The view across the Ohio River from the deck.

Looking out towards the street.
The vehicle