June 7 - On the Road Again... Starve Hollow State Park, IN

Well, I'm back at it again after a long stay in Cincinnati. I left about 1:00 in the afternoon I could see My Mom in the rearview mirror as I rolled all the way down from our house on the hill to the road I would take into the city and beyond, how lucky I am to have someone like her to see me off.

I rolled through familiar Cincinnati, past all of the construction being done downtown, the new stadium etc. While I do see value in building the Bengals a new stadium, and a second will be put up before long for the Reds, I have to wonder about all of that money... try to pass a .5 mil school levy in the city and see what happens. I guess I just wonder if we have our priorities in order, that's all. What I think would have been cool, rather than hiring the firm that's been designing and building all of these new stadiums across the country, with fountains, and waterfalls, and trains going around them like a Christmas tree....what if they held an international architectural competition of sorts? Like they do when a new building in Chicago or New York is sought after.

Put the word out to the international architecture community that Cincinnati would accept drawings and plans for a new stadium for the riverfront. The Chrysler Building in New York and almost the entire city of Brasilia, Brazil were spawned from such competitions as well as many other structures around the world....the entire Olympic village for the Olympics in Barcelona too. So you have a bunch of architects from around the world send in plans and pick the one that most seems to fit the location and in 50 years someone might look at it and realize there is a gigantic piece of modern art, a ground breaking structure, a wonderful example of New Millennium architecture on the riverfront, and the Bengals play there. That's what I would have liked to have seen happen. Instead I'm afraid we will get tired of this new one, perhaps outgrow it, and in 40 or 50 years, rip it down and build another while the Cincinnati Public Schools probably won't have a music program or marching band to play the National Anthem before a game due to a lack of funds.

I drove through a number of small towns in Indiana....Dillsboro, Elrod, Versailles (pronounced in such a way that would make a Frenchman cringe), Dabney, Nebraska...and on. Don't blink when passing through these places, you may miss them. Full of hardworking people, pick up trucks, maybe a gas station and Dairy Queen. When you put all of these little places together you get what makes America work. The mid-west just seems to have that sort of feeling to it. Each person in town has a story. There always seems to be that one rather unkept elderly gentleman, maybe without a shirt on, or with is pajamas on, messed up hair, walking backwards down the street arguing with an imaginary friend. I honestly see a guy like that in just about every little town....and he too has his story.

The corn and soybean fields had been planted a week or so ago, maybe a few weeks ago. Now it's just a matter of time and water.

I Pulled into Starve Hollow, S.P. just South of Brownstown for the evening. This park is nice enough...not very crowded on a weekday. The whole state park phenomenon is still VERY entertaining to me. Some of the people in this campground have erected whole tent complexes, a tarp shelter covers 6 picnic tables all put together, trailers, pick up trucks....amazing.

You'll notice in the picture here that there is no hub cap on the left front wheel. I lost it somewhere along the way. I guess the guy who put on the new tires the other day didn't put it on all the way. I'm not worried, I'll pick another one up along the way. It may be the most common hub cap in the world, standard on just about every bug, bus, ghia, squareback, etc. for 40 years.

Lost a hubcap somewhere along the way.


The vehicle