June 11 - Beetle Funfest 2000 Day 2
Click here for an aerial photo of Beetle Funfest 2000.

The second day of the Volkswagen show was a lot like the first. I took the same route...left at the big cow, over the bridge, down the county road etc. There were a few cars there the second day that weren't there the first, but there didn't seem to be as many cars.

A new Beetle caught my eye...it was painted up like a soccer ball.

I saw a guy and his wife sitting next to a really wild kit car....It was supposed to look like a Porsche 917...one of the great road racing cars of the early 70's. This car was a Beetle with a fiberglass body on it, but interesting never the less. I talked to him about it for a while and asked him if he had ever gone to vintage races to see a real 917. He said that he hadn't. I also mentioned to him that I saw the 1971 Le Mans winning (yes, the same race the red Corvette in the nearby museum raced in, the 24 hour race in France) advertised for sale in a car magazine....the real thing, on the auction block for 3.5 million dollars! He didn't build this car, but did most of the engine detailing work to it etc. It's the yellow and black car to the right.

I bought an ostrich burger with my food coupons, figured I'd give it a try. It tasted like chicken....doesn't everything? No, just kidding, it tasted a lot like a regular beef hamburger.

I left the show earlier today.....about 3:00pm as it looked like rain again. I stopped in one of the little towns I had driven through several times on my way to and from Effigham.....Windsor, IL. I took a picture of the Westy in front of "Tapper's Tavern"....it had closed long ago and was boarded up. I took another picture across the street in front of Renshaw's General Merchandise.....also long since closed and boarded up. What ever happened to Mr. Renshaw? I'll never know.

Oh yes, incidentally......I claimed my first bit of road kill since I've been driving.....I can't remember hitting anything before. This morning on the way to the show, right there in Windsor I saw a squirrel creep slowly into the street and stop....
"Get out of the way squirrel." I said, "Get out of the way squirrel."
It went forward and then back towards the side of the road.....there was another car coming the other direction so I couldn't swerve......."Get out of the way......." - THA-THUNK - S-P-L-A-T.

I looked in the mirror....I got him alright. Dumb squirrel made me feel guilty all day. I figured I was doing a turkey vulture a favor...so it all seemed to even out.

Karmann Ghias

Almost looks like a 1950s Ferrari.

Tapper's Tavern

The vehicle