April 29 - Stocking the Lake at Francis Slocum State Park, PA

I had a relaxing day here at the same campground as last night. At about noon I drove to the other side of the lake to watch the trout trucks come in, as per Ranger Dave's suggestion.

There were a lot of people there. Lots of guys in waders with poles and nets waiting for some easy pickings on stocking day. Little kids were pulling bluegill out while we waited for the trout. The great thing about little kids is that they don't care what they catch or how big it is. One little kid didn't even need to pick up a pole to catch fish...he was plenty intrigued with the bait minnows. At about 1:45 two trucks and a few ranger trucks came over the hill ooooohhhhs and aaaahhhhs ensued.

The rangers and the DNR guys get up on the trucks, open up the huge live wells, and transfer the fish with nets into 5 gallon buckets. Then they offload the buckets full of fish to the people, who then take them to the water's edge and release them. The little kids seemed to enjoy it the most, they didn't let the fish get very far at all before they tried to tempt them with corn, or salmon eggs, or peas. The poodle in the one photo was flipping out. One from that bucket flipped out onto the ground, the dog didn't know what to do with a fish. I guess people probably feel a part of the place when they have a hand in the stocking.

It wasn't long and everybody had pole in hand, a big day (photo below).

There is a Boy Scout Troop a few campsites down from me, probably 20 kids and 4 adults. I can already tell that their Boy Scout experience is different than the one I was in. The key is well defined roles and a certain degree of discipline. Unfortunately with little discipline and supervision, idle hands equipped with matches and hatchets easily find trouble. A few of them were sword fighting with pink Star Wars light saber toys for a while. What would they do if I walked over there with a real light saber, brandished it with a swoosh, and asked them to keep it down because Yoda is trying to sleep in that white van over there? I'd love to have a light saber.

Tomorrow morning I will take a shower and roll down to Allentown. That's where I'll buy some new front seats for the van from a Volkswagen place there I've read about on the internet. My van is an '82 model. The later models came with big, cushy front seats with armrests. I'll will buy two new seats and they'll slide right in. I just gotta have the armrests.

Truck unloading buckets of Trout.

Kids putting the trout in the lake, and trying to catch them.

Dog sniffing the lid to the trout bucket.
Fishermen lining the shore.
The Westy in the campground.
The vehicle