April 26 - Into Pennsylvania, Allegheny National Forest

I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night, my first night ever in the Westy. Not because it was cold, or because I wasn't tired, but because there is this clock on the dashboard, next to the speedometer that has been going TIC-TOC-TIC-TOC-TIC-TOC since 1982, last night was no exception. I remember mentioning something to Sean and Adam before I left (my brother and room mate, respectively) about how I thought I was going to have to unhook that thing, that nobody could ever sleep in this thing with that clock. I guess I never got around to it before I left. I almost unhooked the entire battery at 3:00 in the morning, but decided to open the shop manual and do it before going to bed the next night...it was easy enough, I was some sort of motivated. I'm not sure if I'm making my point clear enough here.....Have you ever tried to sleep when the person in the apartment above you is bouncing a basketball on their floor? Have you ever gone to sleep with the faucet dripping? Oh, it's not fun.

Breakfast consisted of a granola bar, oatmeal, and a cup of hot chocolate. Then it was time to hit the road.

Corry, PA was the first burg worthy of Rand McNally's bold letters and it was the first place I whipped the camera out. It was like many of the other towns along the back roads of Western Pennsylvania, quaint and respectable in an old sort of way, but wishing the oil was still pumping as it once did. The old train station had remnants of the passenger platforms even though the passengers and tracks are long gone. There were a lot of old buildings....Main St. U.S.A. kind of buildings, and I took some pictures at the local cemetery.

From Corry it was a very nice drive up and down, twisting and turning all the way into the Allegheny National Forest. I spent the night at Red Bridge, one of about 15 campgrounds in the forest (photo below). I was the only person there. This was a great campsite, right by the water. It really was just me and the woods. I saw and heard all sorts of animals, the old pines spoke in the breeze, I wondered if they could have told me stories of the Indians.

Corry, PA train station, now defunct.

Corry, PA store fronts.
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Corry, PA cemetery.

Red Bridge campground, Allegheny Nat'l Forest
the vehicle