April 25 - Cleveland, East to Pymatuning State Park

Max mentioned to me last night that Pymatuning State Park, right on the Pennsylvania border East of Cleveland, was a cool place. He spent a lot of time there as a kid. Just 50 or 60 miles East of Cleveland, so it was a real easy day with little driving. The drive out Route 322 was really cool, you just wouldn't believe what you can buy on the side of the road....the Camaro market is pretty good, if you don't mind rust, tractors, some really old tractors, firewood and night crawlers are big items too, I wanted to stop and look at everything.

I did stop at the Mayfield Road Drive-In. It's the real deal, a late 50's early 60's drive in complete with one story cinder block snack bar / projection room. It apparently still operates, but has probably seen better days. It opens on Memorial Day.

I do about 50 miles per hour all the time, the speed limit is usually 55 except through towns where they ask you to knock it down to 35 or maybe 25 miles per hour. In that case I do 22, I don't need any "imperial entanglements." The roads have been empty so far, I mean I'm usually out in the middle of nowhere where there aren't many cars. I listen to whatever I can find on the radio and inevitably songs like Born to Be Wild come on, or some tune that sings of flying or cruising. I like to listen to oldies stations too that's good driving music. Today Peter, Paul, and Mary came on singing "If I had a Hammer..." that's just perfect.

I saw a deer at about 3:00 this afternoon. It scampered out of the woods and stopped next to the road about 50 yards in front of me and then turned around and ran back into the woods....maybe to tell the whole herd it was clear so they could all run out, so I slowed way down. If things would have worked out differently I might be eating venison out of a smashed up van right now.

The campground is cool, next to the lake, and they're aren't many people here....a real plus.....thank you for the suggestion Max! Wish you were here.

I took some pictures of my first dinner in the van and my sleeping arrangement, lots of space really. I will be sleeping in long underwear and my stocking cap as it's supposed to get down into the 30's tonight. Brrrrrrr.


The Westy at the Mayfield Road Drive-In.

Causeway at Pymatuning S.P.

First dinner on the road.
Bed time, the first night in the van proved quite cold.
the vehicle