April 24 - Cleveland, OH: Visiting more college friends
This was a great drive. It was one of those Spring days that when you walk outside you wonder why you're doing anything but that thing that allows you to be outside, in the Spring air, under the Spring sun.....Spring is my favorite season.

I took Route 6 to Sandusky and followed it all along the shore of Lake Erie until I hit Cleveland. I stopped in Vermillion for lunch at a park right on the lake and fixed some cheese and crackers and soup (photo below). Then I stopped off at Edna Mae's old fashioned ice cream parlor right on the corner downtown. Every town along the lake seemed to have a dairy queen....Edna Mae's was far from a D.Q., it's pretty nice, very authentic, and probably really fills up with tourists in the Summer.

I met up with Ken Rhoda, a friend from college, we went over to another friend of ours from college, Max Johnson, to play Euchre for a while. It was nice to spend some time with those guys, it had been a while.

I'm not sure why it's so hard for everyone to keep in touch...even distant touch, through an email every once in a while or something. It has never been easier to communicate, but we still seem to lose touch. Perhaps it's because we just don't have as much in common as we once did. In any event we're all better off for having met one and other during those years at college.


The Westy next to Lake Erie, Vermillion, OH.

Max Johnson, Ken Rhoda, and Me
the vehicle