April 21-23, 2000 - Bowling Green, OH: Visiting old college friends
I left Chicago on Friday morning as planned. I took the last exit before the Indiana Toll way began and picked up US 20 East in Hammond, IN. It was a dreary day, cold with a little drizzle. The weather seemed to fit the character of Northwest Indiana. Downtown Gary looks like it has seen better days, all of those little towns along the lake probably thrived 30 years ago.....today they are full of boarded up restaurants, gas stations in ruins that haven't pumped a gallon for years, and closed up motels that probably haven't rented rooms since the 60's.

Once you get out of that very industrial Northwest corner of the state things open up to flat farmland......just farmland. The drive from about Elkhart to the Ohio border was pretty nice. I saw a lot of Mennonites with their buggies and a few Mailpouch Tobacco barns.

The Easter holiday was spent with old college buddies in Bowling Green. Neil Kessel, Chris Bupp, Matt Briggs, and Chris Zorn among others.

Bupp is the food and beverage manager at a Holiday Inn close to Bowling Green so he invited us to Easter Brunch.....we just had to supply the tip, not a bad deal.

Monday morning it was goodbye to the guys in Bowling Green, there's a good chance I won't see them in Bowling Green as students again, they're all about finished by now. We had some fun times there.

Neil Kessel & Chris Bupp

Neil Kessel, Matt Briggs, Chris Zorn
Ready for the big Advanture.
the vehicle