In April of 2000 I set out on a great adventure, in a van, the "Advanture". During the journey I carried a lap top computer, digital camera, and a cellular modem so each evening I could write a travelogue entry and upload it to a web site where friends and family could follow along. As I crossed the country I would receive emails and found that people I didn't even know were following along.

This is the second version of that site, built more than two years after the Advanture ended. In many ways it feels like yesterday. Many of the faces of the people I met along the way are still fresh in my mind. In other ways it seems like a lifetime ago. The world has changed since then, along with my faith in it, but the feeling of those carefree days when the road itself was my destination will be with me forever.

The Advanture lasted from April 20 to September 17, 2000. I began to get behind on my web site updates in early July and eventually just stopped updating the web site altogether, cellular modem technology proved less than reliable. I continued to keep a hand written journal, so perhaps as this site develops I will transcribe more entries from the second half of the trip from the notebook to the computer.